Payments for the Caribbean

At PAISR, we're dedicated to revolutionize payments in the Caribbean. We understand the unique challenges and needs in this vibrant community, so we crafted our platform to cater specifically to you.
Doing what needs to be done πŸ’―

Our mission is to provide seamless, secure, and accessible payment solutions to everyone in the Caribbean. We believe that financial transactions should be effortless and inclusive, enabling individuals and businesses to thrive and connect with one another.

How we made it easy but secure πŸ”

With our user-friendly platform, you can easily send money to friends and family, make purchases, and conduct business transactions with confidence. We leverage advanced technologies to ensure that your payments are processed swiftly, while maintaining the highest level of security to protect your financial information.

We're doing it for you πŸ’œ

We're passionate about driving financial empowerment. We strive to foster economic growth, facilitate cross-border commerce, and promote financial inclusion across the Caribbean. Our commitment to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do.

Our team

Meet our talented and dedicated team working behind the scenes to provide your with exceptional payment solutions.
Jair Seedorf - CEO
Jair Seedorf
Ziwinji Van de Veer - COO
Ziwinji VD Veer
Niven Bruster - CCO
Niven Bruster
Gaben - VP Product
Gaben Nanson
vp product
Supervisory Board
Roy May - President
Roy May
Cas Hoefman - CTO
Cas Hoefman

Our commitment to the planet

We pledge to donate 1% of our revenue to environmental nonprofits to help protect our planet and ensure that future generations may enjoy this beautiful green earth for centuries to come.
Why 1% for the planet? 🌳

PAISR was founded in Suriname, potentially the greenest country in the world. Suriname harbors unrivaled natural resources and globally significant biodiversity. We believe in the importance of working together to protect nature around us not only for the benefit of the Surinamese people but also for the rest of the world.

The greatest renewable resource 🧠

We believe in the education imperative, that knowledge and learning are humanity’s greatest renewable resources for responding to challenges and inventing alternatives. Yet, education does more than respond to a changing world. Education transforms the world.

How we're giving back 🌍

As a member, 1% of all PAISR revenues will be donated to our chosen and, 1% for the Planet-approved nonprofits. There are thousands of charities to choose from, and through our 1% for the Planet commitment, we will be donating to education focused and climate-saving nonprofits to help preserve and conserve critical ecosystems while creating opportunities for sustainable economic development.

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