The neobank of the Caribbean

We're on a mission to become the growth-enabling financial service provider for consumers and businesses across the Caribbean, offering reliable, scalable, innovative and secure applications and infrastructure that enable new growth in the digital economy. 

Who is Paisr?

PAISR was founded with the goal of simplifying payments for businesses in Suriname. After diving deeper into the needs of consumers and businesses, and learning more about how the financial system works in the Caribbean, we found that there is a greater need for digitization across the region. From there we started our journey of building the Neobank of the Caribbean.

Mission statement
We’re removing the barriers — by providing businesses with the infrastructure needed to move money globally through a single point of entry — while enabling financial inclusion for unbanked consumers across the Caribbean.


With the launch of the PAISR, we're taking the biggest step towards a more inclusive ecosystem.


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